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Hi Again

There are so many people who want to know more information on hypnosis.

I have a lot on it just call me.

But for those who want to know more you can look it up on You tube but it is so much more that what they can tell you in an hour segment.

# 1

we go into hypnosis many times a day. 30 min before wake time and during that low time mid-morning and mid-afternoon time and when we watch TV 30 min before bed, while we drive and mis a turn.

So, you know how it feels. It is relaxing and we feel tired. There is no drama, and we just feel floaty.

# 2

Stage hypnosis is not what most hypnosis is like. That is for show and the hypnotist hand picks who are very suggestable for they can be manipulated to do a lot of funny things. Not everyone is very suggestable so not everyone can achieve this degree of hypnosis.

While being relaxed you are not a sleep. just hyper aware and relaxed and calm and tension free.

Trust is very important to have in your therapist.

Practice is your best friend. practice listening to your recording and putting in time on your well-being.

If you want to quit smoking, then practice seeing yourself free of smoke. If you need to love yourself then practice loving a small one, then learn compassion for others including you.

Thanks for reading


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