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Can you Stop Smoking? or lose weight?


Can I do it for you?


I can assist you in hypnosis but you are the one who has to have the will to stop eating the wrong foods, or exercise more and start loving yourself. Want to be healthier, being in control instead of the cigars or cigarettes being in control or food being in control of you.


It takes 48 hours to get off the addicting nicotine to be able to quit.

Hint lower your tar and nicotine in the ones you smoke now... I will help you in doing this. If you want help in this It will take about 3 to 6 sessions for quitting smoking. A few cartons of cigarettes will equal this in price.

If you are already down to 3 or 4 cigarettes a day, it will take a 2-hour session to assist you in quitting.

It is up to you to follow through with the suggestions.  It is a habit after you have stopped the craving for nicotine. Learning different habits are your goal

Health and losing weight.

This is a long process it may take 6 sessions or more depending on your willingness to follow through with the meal plan of your choice. We will work through your issues of food and emotions about life and food. Habits and emotional needs of eating incorrectly are things to work on. The goals are to live better with less.

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