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What is the main reason you want a Beyond  An QHTT session?   This is a heart-based and intention oriented method that promotes the idea of allowing the use of all my skills and resources in service to  Clients.  All my Hypnotist skills are used.

 It is like a combination of all I learned with other modalities.  Including on the top of the session a Chakra balancing. To open up to the higher aspects of your being.  We can clear the dirt and debris in all your chakras. I love this part. We can ask angels to assist and guides and ascended masters to help. This is if you believe in masters and guides.

We may see the past, future, or other worlds.   I never know what will happen but it is always what you need for now.

Chakra connections​ are vortexes that are around our body constantly rotating energy centers.

Blocks in these centers make the energy slow down.

Each chakra has a color some may see them others may feel them and finally some may just feel the energy only. All are correct.  

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