Candace Durand CHT

Applications and personal data record and Release form, please print this page and fill out completely in blue or black pen. Then scan and resend by email or post. This will not be released to anyone unless by your

copy this page or print it.


First name and last.___________________________________________________________________________







Timezone MST Est, Cst etc.

Phone or cell______________________________________________________________


Internet communications like Zoom.? WE can setup a interview first then the session is faster.


Female male- circle one

Marital status___________________________________ Name_______________________

On communications like Zoom.? WE can setup a interview first then the session is faster


 Marital status___________________________________ Name______________________

_Emergency contact____________________________________________________Cell________________How did you fine me?_____________________________


On a separate piece of paper unlined, write down in longhand, what you want to accomplish in our work together. Please include questions(no more than 15), Sign the paper on bottom please use cursive if you can Scan all of this and send to me via email or text me or send in by post. in care of Candace Durand ,2302 Rosebud drive,Billings