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QHTT is a method of hypnosis to heal the issues one has or at least to show what to do to heal.

It is not magic. You have to do what your guide tells you to do. If they can heal an issue they will help you. Who are the "THEY"? well, it is the Higher-self or God Or A special guide that can do this. Everyone has to work on what theme they incarnated with to be stronger and more empowered in this life yet sometimes we get bogged down with things and need some help. When you get the help or get the healing some don't even know they are different or some don't know that it is possible to be healed. I say it all in the belief.

Introspective Hypnosis does the same thing but a few different things  Mrs. Cannon did not do. If we have attachments to us from some other sources that are harming us, It is brought out in the open to address it and eventually get rid of it if so desired.  Not that all have these things, but many do. The attachments can be thoughts. Thoughts can be from parents or friends or yourself. Some attachments can be from a lost soul.


some attachments can be from a different life, or some can be from a black/dark being. Not to scare anyone but it happens. Drugs and Drinks can bring these on.

Kappas hypnosis is a type of a method of healing the smoking (monsters) of our life, the vaping or cigs that plague us. The habits we would like to rid of. 

Therapeutic Imagery is a way to help know and heal yourself also with imagery.

Chakra balancing and bodywork will show where you need to release dark stuff or thoughts you have in your body that you put in there. These things cause pain and need to be addressed and let go or at least understand why they are where they are. Not all will heal unless you work on the healing or not all will leave unless you want them to leave. Remember what will you be if you let all your shadows go? It is up to you It is your choice. If you want to be different and have a different life, then It is up to you. 

I love to help you achieve your passion in life, The strong will let the shadow side go and live a different life. the rest can work on it to begin to know there can be a different life.

Write down all the things you think or feel you need to address

Write down the things you feel you are blessed with.

What do you think you need?

What would you need to achieve to these items?

Are these things going to give you joy.? These are things to bring with you for an QHTT or Past life

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