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QHTT is not the end-all of therapy but it is beginning to allow them to start healing. You are a complicated Soul. The body may not trust what the Soul self will tell it. The ego may be still in fear or the body in fear. It takes many listening of your recordings to understand what the quiet Soul was telling you, or the Guides, or the animals. You are getting a gift. 

Stop smoking is a also gift to your soon-to-be healthy body. You got trapped and duped into submission to the slave driver Nicotine, and tobacco companies.

Weight loss is ok if you really commit to the process. One session will not be enough for you. You have told yourself it ok to eat the ice cream cone many times. did that work? 

Are you anxious? are you of service to others? Are you service to yourself? Can you make a step outside and help another heal or lift up?

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