Candace Durand has started on the path of hypnosis in her younger years but put it off until a few years ago.

This past few years She has worked with three different modalities in hypnosis. She started with learning the Dolores Cannon method of healing by asking your higher self, called QHTT (Quantum healing technique therapy). The higher self has a way to change the way our body is working or not working. Not all can be changed but many do get things to change. She loved this in this method but, it did not give her all she needed to learn, so she took more classes in forgiveness and role changing. This is where her other classes came in. Yet still, she did not feel all was what She needs to help people. Then she found that if  She became a Hypnotherapist more help could come from other modalities and tools.  Now she has become just that.  By going HMI- Hypnotherapy motivation Institute. She

Therewith the other modalities of introspective and QHTT can help you understand yourself.