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I started on this journey many years ago as a young adult, yet did not pursue it until 6 years ago.

I found D. cannon, QHTT, on the web and was captivated. 

So I took her class. It was interesting that one can heal with her method. However, it was a short class. and After practicing for a year in this modality and getting some clarity on this method,  I felt I needed more classes. I did not want to travel to Arkansas and D. Cannon has passed on. So, I took more internet classes. I found two methods that filled the gaps in my quest to help clients. HMI is a college that helped me become a certified Hypnotherapist and a method that helped me understand the inner workings of the human body. This took 2 years to finish but it was worth it.  So I still will take an occasional class for I know we don't know everything, I feel that my expanding my knowledge will help the client and help me be better too. This is my journey in a short paragraph. I have done many hours of Zoom clients and many hours in my home office. Feel free to see my certificates in my home office. Thanks 

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