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Can be the cause of not acting on our Highest joy. Jobs cause stress, as well as just existing in everyday situations. 

Now diet can be a cause of these too. Their many research papers out there to support this. eating fresh foods and drinking more fresh juices and water will improve your mental health.


Not getting out in the sunshine and feeling the sun on our faces and the earth beneath our feet.


Out life story starts when we are a baby,  Possibly it may not have been a great start. We all don't have the best beginnings in health and up bringing. What Hypnosis does is help reprogram the programs that were established when we were born through today, in our subconscious for the better or positivity. We all have programs created by things we identify and associate. If you see a dog, for example, and he bites you, you may not like all dogs. It is how your parents reacted to the situation of the dog biting you. Now being afraid of dogs can be a phobia or an annoying thing you want to get over which may affect your relationships with  others.   It a life script we created. 

Remember all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You have to keep reminding you that you need to change and be a different person. You need to change. Being safe is the goal. Being the same is not the goal. Whether, it is love, acceptance, compassion, or being stronger and more powerful for your goals then we have to move towards that. Therfore you must help and practice what you learn. It is a choice to change.

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