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My Story


You may wonder about my qualifications in this vocation. 

I will list my hours here At HMI collage of hypnotherapy




2022-10-12 Past-Life Regression Therapy

2022-01-16 Pre and Post-Surgery Hypnosis

2021-11-05 Hypnosis and Tinnitus

2021-10-16 Hypnosis and the Law of Attraction

2021-03-27 Hypnosis for Past Life Regression Therapy

2020-06-30 Client Contact Hours - 200 Hours200Distance Learning

2020-06-17 Make Anxiety Your Best Friend

2020-06-14 Intuitive Healing and Development - Level One

2020-05-06 Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy

2020-04-11 How Forgiveness Impacts Brain Functioning

2020-04-08 The Decision Factor

2020-01-22 Jumpstart 2020 Jamboree

2020-01-19 Advanced Handwriting Analysis

2020-01-08 Handwriting Analysis

2019-12-29 Hypnosis and ADHD

2019-11-17 Stage Hypnosis

2019-10-28 Hypnosis and PTSD

2019-09-23 Clinical Case History Package 

2019-08-28 Body Syndromes

2019-07-28 Smoking Cessation

2019-07-15 Therapeutic Imagery Master

2019-07-04 Advanced Imagery

2019-06-26 Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator

2019-05-20 Clinical Case History Package 

2019-05-03 Clinical Case History Series 

2019-04-10 Hypnosis for Managing Chronic Health Conditions

2019-03-13 Intimate Conversations with Dr. John Kappas

2019-03-08 Metaphysical Imagery

2019-03-01 Imagery for Life Passages

2019-02-24 Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique

2019-02-17 Hypnosis and Pain Management

2019-02-05 Hypnosis and Weight Loss

2019-01-27 Hypnosis and Sports Performance

2019-01-23 Diploma in Hypnotherapy

2019-01-20 Explode Your Practice with Phone and Skype Sessions

2018-12-10 Healing the Inner Child

2018-10-27 Past-Life Regression Therapist

2018-10-24 Mythic and Archetypal Imagery

2018-10-14 Emotional and Physical Sexuality 

2018-10-14 AHA Professional Member aha

2018-09-24 Foundations in Hypnotherapy Certificate of Completion

2018-09-21 Mental Bank Seminar

2018-09-13 Hypnosis in History

Total Certificate Hours:756.5

 negative soul releasements 16 hours

soul realignment 3 months


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect. Please ask to see my other certificates from other schools.

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