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Are we are walking Egos?

Reaction is usually what ego expresses.

Ego tell you ," But you always smoked" "I will not change for we always did this. "Change so scary."

Intention is always nice to have when you want change.

It like prayer, your intention to talk to your love ones, or guides, or God, you expect results in help with your requests. It is the same with your intentions, to change, your thinking, or your habits, or mind, or body. Your body is listening. Talk to it. Tell it what you want to change and then follow through. Do not give up. Take action. intend to quit smoking, or change you negativity to neutral positivity. Yes, it will always take time usually 3 months to become a good habit and maybe more to be cemented in to the day to day living. Take everyday as living in the now moment. do not project to the past or way into the future. Just take each moment as a gift to live in change. It always comes down to taking intentional action.


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