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another master within or higher self

Diane wanted to know herself better and found 11 selves.

She had 11 shelves to help her in her quest to heal. She did not have a great start in life and was really down on her self. Yet her higher guidance Really loved her and wanted to show her the love of her God.

She found no matter what she done to her-self she is always loved. Now Diane is hard headed and it will take time to show that she is loved but her guidance wanted her to love her-self more. She had been lost for a long time. Just because this was told to her, it is a process. She needs to work on doing loving things, to say I love you more to the image in the mirror and write down affirmations each night and believe she is worth it. Now back the other-selves. I ask one to merge with her and show the love she needs and to answers some questions on what diane is going through and how she over came them. The other-selves are have the the same theme and problems. Some have worked them out and some are working on the theme. It will take a few months to really understand Diane and her quest to get better but this is one way to see what is store in the world of Spirit. All have a form of guidance not all know this is or don't believe they do. It is their mission to find out or not to find out. We all have a mission. Some work on the mission and some ignore the mission for many years. No matter if you work on the mission the Love is always there.


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