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A talk with the master within.

Jim had a session and wanted to check in with his body to see the health of it, Now.Events don’t affect you, what affects you are the feelings you attach to them. You can change the feelings and the meaning of any event....

after getting to the place in hypnosis where we were checking in on the body he started to have a conversation with the master with in. Now some say it the higher self , but it call itself the larger Jim. It said that he had an infection in his lower body. I asked what can he do about this , Larger Jim said let go of sugar it is causing inflammation in the body. I asked what else he could take garlic for it kills germs. Then he little Jim, started laughing really loud. They were having an argument among themselves. Little Jim did not like garlic and loved sugar. Little Jim did not want to do this. It was funny to me but serious. This is what we do to ourselves we fight ourselves. We know what to do but can't do it. This is what the subconscious knows it was not going to change for it is a old friend, sugar and an enemy of garlic. What hypnosis can do is to change these messages around to reframe a better outcome for his health. It may take a few sessions but it is doable.

Try it Hypnosis for 3 sessions and see if it is for you.


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