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What is the Difference Between BQH and QHHT®?

What is the Difference Between BQH and QHHT®?

Dear Candace

I am hearing a lot about Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) lately. Can you tell me what the difference is between BQH and QHHT®?


Dear C.A, I’m happy to answer your question. A lot of other people have asked me the same thing so let me start out with a basic answer and then if you want all the history and details you can keep reading.

Basic Answer

QHHT® stands for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, a regressive hypnosis modality created by the late Dolores Cannon. The method is still taught by her family through a series of videos and my understanding is they insist that practitioners use the method “purely” and with strict adherence.

The inspiration for Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) comes from one of Dolores Cannon’s quotes. The following is in the introduction to her book, The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth.

“…I began teaching (my method) in 2002 and it has now spread all over the world, and to my satisfaction my students are reporting the same miracles that I have experienced. Some of them are even attempting ways of using the technique that I would never have thought of. What better gratification could a teacher have than to have her students take what they have been taught and not be afraid to go beyond and explore unknown pathways. My method is not like those other outdated hypnosis methods that teach that you must do exactly as they say. That you cannot deviate even one word from the script. In my teaching I want the student to understand what is being done so they can think for themselves. As long as the client is not being harmed they are free to experiment. I have found the method to be extremely flexible. It is a living and evolving thing. Many times, after all these years, I still come home and tell (my daughter)… “Guess what I learned I can do today!” “They” have told me many times that there are no limitations, unless you create them yourselves. Anything is possible. You are only limited by your own imagination.”

BQH is an open, naturally evolving and highly personal consciousness exploration and healing method that encourages practitioners to use all of their skills to help clients. It has no owner or leader. There is no strict script. There are no rigid rules. It is highly adaptive and inclusive. BQH is already being practiced today by thousands of practitioners around the world and we have an affordable class to teach the BQH method.

The rest of the story

Dolores created her method in the late 1990’s and began teaching it to the public in 2002. I was trained personally by Dolores in 2008 (she personally granted me Level 3 status in 2013) and with her blessing later that same year founded an online support community for practitioners of her method and is now known as The Original Quantum Healing Support Forum, or more commonly “The Forum.”. I was honored and fortunate to be able to work closely with and assist Dolores her in ‘live’ beginning and advanced classes until her death in 2014.

From 2008 up until Dolores’ death I practiced QHHT® full-time but in 2015 it became apparent that many things were changing! The Forum and our Worldwide Practitioner Listing at formally separated from Dolores’ family and became a completely independent service that currently lists hundreds of quantum healers of all kinds! We still support QHHT® practitioners, no matter where or when they took their training with Dolores, but we have broadened our member base, and our thinking.

We list and support so many different kinds of alternative and energy healing practitioners! We have mediums, medical mediums, psychics, life coaches, clinical hypnotherapists, tarot card readers, energy healers, cranial-sacral therapists, reiki masters, EFT practitioners and more. Many of us have more than one tool in our toolbox, more than one modality we practice and quite a number of us have created our own unique and individual method that we use to assist clients. The world of energy healing is changing!

Opening up our arms and our doors to all who focus upon the basic concept of Service-to-Others our Support Forum and Directory are currently a blend of practitioners who bring a rich and varied perspective to our numerous Community Support Systems and classes. We follow no one guru, we don’t promote just one teacher or one modality or one way of thinking. We don’t allow dogma to rule. Our Community is based upon a very simple concept: The practitioner should themselves choose how they wish to practice their service to others!

After Dolores died I began embracing, even more fully, my own intuitive guidance on how to practice quantum healing, writing my own scripts and created different approaches. Using skills and wisdom from other sources and coupled with the desires of my own clients, I found that the very formulaic practice of what has become known as “pure” QHHT® no longer suited me, or indeed, most of my clients.

You might be thinking, “Okay, but what does that mean exactly in practice?’

There are many examples, but here are a few.

QHHT®- My understanding is that Dolores’ heirs insist that all relevant information must come from the client exclusively, no information can come from the practitioner. BQH- Your practitioner might be a talented medical medium who might have information about your body systems, your practitioner might have contact with other dimensional healing teams that might provide assistance or information, your practitioner might hear/see/feel/know what your guides and angels are desperately trying to tell you that you might be, for whatever reason, incapable of hearing and they then can ask if it is appropriate for them to share the information they receive upon your behalf. BQH says, give your client every opportunity, encouragement and assistance to allow the information to come through them first and fully, and if they ask for help, by all means, give them additional help.

QHHT® My understanding is that Dolores’ heirs say you are not allowed to mix modalities. BQH says, bring all your skills. Mix away, as you are guided.

QHHT® My understanding is that Dolores’ heirs say you may not use current technology to connect with clients for sessions and all sessions must be in-person only. No exceptions. BQHsays, many sessions may be appropriately conducted online or telephonically, and in some cases, are the only possible way a session is able to happen at all.

After years of assisting Dolores and supporting QHHT® practitioners I began to understand that a foundational understanding of energy and personal frequency was important and a necessary component for effective practitioners. Many of us learned these basics only after beginning to practice quantum healing. The BQH course begins by addressing this crucial aspect for quantum healers before beginning a practice and the information can be valuable for any alternative and energy healing practitioner.

Encouraged by feedback, results and increasingly extraordinary experiences, I began to embrace and celebrate my own approach to Quantum Healing that is flexible in every way that QHHT® is not for me. My approach, and this very broad concept, is called Beyond Quantum Healing, or BQH.

By creating BQH we are in no way denouncing nor wishing to replace the extraordinary teachings of Dolores Cannon. On the contrary, anyone who knows me knows how much admiration, love and respect I have for Dolores, her work and her method. She changed my life, is still changing our world and continues to show up in my and many, many practitioners’ sessions to assist. QHHT® remains an effective and lovely technique all on its own. If you can afford the QHHT® online class still taught by Dolores, the master herself, by all means, sit in her energy and soak up all she has to offer!

Can one take both courses? Well certainly! In my mind learning and expansion should have no limits.

Do I still practice QHHT®? I most certainly do! There are clients who come to see me in person at my Kansas Wellness Studio that want a session “just like Dolores Cannon” would have conducted, and I am happy to give them that experience. I read her traditional script and follow her directives and method to a “T” for those clients.

And why not? QHHT® is in some ways just another version of BQH. If QHHT® (pure) is exactly what the client and the practitioner want and desire, then it is perfect for them!

I am however, finding that after discussing these differences in approach, nearly all of my clients choose to experience BQH simply because there are less rules, less restrictions and more options available. So, my advice is to follow your inner wisdom and your clients’ desires. There is value in all methods in Service to all. . .

Candace Craw Goldman creator of BQH


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