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Amazing Sessions lately

i have has some amazing sessions lately .

We did some healings on all kinds of levels.

Things that were interesting is that angels do protect us. One protected her third eye area until she learned to ground herself. So they taught her to ground and the protections was lifted.

One session entered the person body as a house and we looked at it for that point of view.

One part of a session we talked to a group soul in the 12th dimension, it talked about how the heart is the most important organ in the body, The brain can die, but if the heart is beating you are still alive. The heart rules the brain with compassion and Love.

Neck pain is telling you to look at an issue differently. Turn.

The earth can transmute any negativity.

The earth has a lot of helpers for it's ascension.

There are so many thing I talk about in these sessions and no one is the same.

Some issues a of this life time some are not but most are helped. If you feel that it did not help it because it was not gone over correctly or you don't believe it helped. Faith is the key here.

Will this helps start a conversation? Write me and lets start one.

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