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Hi welcome to my site.

I'm mainly a regressionist. I'm not a doctor in psychology. I can, if you are willing to go the source of your problems in life while you are under hypnosis. We have to have the trust that I can get you there and you have to trust that it will happen.

Regression is to go the the source when a situation happened that effects your life in a way that is stifling your progress in this life. It could have happened in this life as a child. We together heal that child and move on. Finding out when the feeling of helplessness or not good enough or what ever feeling happened to stop your person in moving to a different place of enjoyment and living life.

Children are so moved to be molded in shapes the adults put them in. Sometimes these shapes are false and not true who they are. They were conditioned to the language they heard when they were around and they think it is what they are to be.

Getting to heart of these feelings can be of great healing in thoughts that lingered their heads for years, months or days.

Healing the inner child is healing the adult in every one.

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