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Imagination and memory are the keys to your akashic records. This is the starting point to see your past. Imagination with emotions will confirm you actually seeing the past life that ie affecting and effecting this life.

Small things are important when you see or feel a scene in your minds eye. Pay attention to this. it will expand and show you more to the past.

Be willing to go with the inside movie playing in you mind. The image tells a story and it will flow naturally. What you are seeing a scene of the records of a life you had. Look at the sky, the buildings ,the roads the homes, the clothes the body you have. Practice this in this life and it will come very easily to you.

If still in doubt on what you saw, ask the guides or universe to give you conformation, be specific on how you want the conformation to be. Don't believe it at first get the conformation.

Give it time time needs to play out. Write what your impressions are in a notebook. Watch for dreams, and tell yourself you will recall all dreams. Meditate and stay with the feelings it brings.

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