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So, you want a BQH session! and why listen to the session again.

What is the main reason you want a BQH session?

This a new modality


it is like a combination of all I learned with other modalities plus a WaterAlchemy session

Chakra balancing before the session to open up to the higher aspects to your being.

We can do a Rainbow marriage hook up to all your higher chakras.

We may see the past, future or other worlds. This can also be in a QHTT and Introspective hypnosis session.

I just use all that i have learned.

The price is the same and it can take the same amount of time.

Don't listen while driving but listen to the session again

Reasons to listen to your session again

In what cases should a client listen to their recording?

Certainly those clients who have found the healing portion(s) of the session beneficial can consider listening repeatedly. Over the years, repetitive listening (even passive listening) has proven to greatly enhance healing.

Other reasons to listen:

1. Also to enforce the lessons they want to know about.

2. Listening again can bring more knowledge on a things you want to heal yourself.

3. Things you forgot in the session, it will fade away otherwise

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