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So you think You can't be hypnotized

When you  think you can not be hypnotized, you can  be reminded that you have been in hypnosis many times. Have you been in a movie theater, and have been so engrossed in the film, that for a few minutes You actually forgot  you are  in a movie theater. And then there are the times when you have been driving home, taking their regular route, and suddenly it was time for their exit, and you had been so focused on their thoughts, that they didn't even remember driving the last stretch of road. And hypnosis happens sometimes when you read a really good novel (especially one with a lot of good descriptive words) -you might get so into the imagery that you forget where to are. Chances are that you daydream and this is a form of hypnosis. 

This is where the session starts, to go to that space that takes you to places in your imagination. Relax and daydream fake it if you have to, at first, just talk like that you are seeing until you really are seeing. Make it up  at first your subconscious will take over after that. You may feel something and that ok. And you may just have a knowledge on something go with it. You may just have a nudge and it your sub conscious talking. 

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