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What one does before a session.

Once you made your decision to have a hypnosis session, your higher-self begins to prepare you for the session.

Although, your are an integrated being working as you, there are many part of you that you are made up of. You have the higher-self that guides your goals and aspirations you had when you came to this plane of existence. You also have the EGO part of you that runs the everyday stuff I.e. protecting you from harm, taking nourishment, keeping you warm or cool. This part plays a important role and is loved. Without the Ego we would not be who we portray to the world. With that said we would like to talk the to the oversoul who knows the blueprint of you. Yet we may have to satisfy the ego and let it vent. There are no guarantees on getting the higher-self to communicate. The ego has to know it safe, to step aside.

So don’t drink or take any drugs that may make dull and sleepy, the day before a session and limit your caffeine. You want to be relaxed but go to sleep. Get plenty rest the day or night before your session. Go for a walk, meditate on the session and the questions you want to be asked and answered.

Wear comfortable clothes, ones that won’t bind you when you are sitting or laying down.

Eat light before a session, heavy meal makes you too sleepy. Eat a few hours before the session is ideal. Use a blanket to cover up if you are at home, you will get cool or cold while under. Wear socks if your feet get cold, no bra if that binds you will be under a cover. have face tissue close by and a glass of water.

Have no expectations your over soul will guide you to the problems you have to work on or things you have to clear up to move on in this life. Sometimes it is just a matter on letting go the past life and live this life as a new different person. The guides will help you or your relatives that have passed on. One never know who will show up in your personal session.

Practice relaxing, practice deep breathing (this really helps), sit in a quiet space for a while.

Please check your mic and camera before your session and have some tissues ready.

To Go on line my website is for more ideas.

After a session be kind to your self take some time to rest. Eat and the next 48 hours be open to some changes in your body. Don't do a lot of work after a session. Just take it easy. Listen to the tape again, you will get more information.

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