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What you may expect after the session

After your New Earth Journey QHHT Session

You have just visited another part or level of your consciousness, congratulations on your expansion!

Many if not most people will remember their session details, especially at first, but you will find the details will tend to fade, just like a dream might. This is why we digitally record the session.

If you truly wish to make changes in your life, your health, your relationships, your understanding of your path and purpose, you will now listen to this recording REPEATEDLY after our appointment. This is extremely important!

You may feel wonderful after your session. Terrific! Listening to your recording will help keep you feeling that way and deepen that feeling. It will seal in this wonderful feeling!

You may feel slightly better after your session. That’s great. Listening to your recording will absolutely increase the feeling and deepen it and make it stronger. Keep listening.

You may feel little to no change after your session and have doubts. This type of reaction is one where listening to the recording is the most important of all! You can and will improve in any and all areas of your life by listening and re-living our healing and exploration.

Those who make the greatest change, and have the most miraculous reported healings or attain the best understandings are those who listen to their sessions 100, 300, even 700 times. It cannot be over emphasized how important it is to LISTEN!

If your SC or Higher Self suggests changes, MAKE THEM.

It is fairly common to have your conscious mind start to “doubt” what happened, no matter how spectacular (or even "unspectacular") your session was, but rest assured, your Higher Self brought you the EXACT experience that was appropriate for you on this day at this point in your journey.

Pay attention to dreams and intuitions, especially up to three days after our session, your crown chakra has been “opened” and it is common to have downloads happen during this time.

If your conscious mind protests that the information was “made up” or was information from “just me,” this is fairly common as well. Please know if the information sounded familiar it is a good thing! This means you are strongly connected to hearing your Higher Self already!

Please consider sending me an email after you have integrated the experience. I am always interested in hearing from you and most interested in sharing with others the progress, healings and discoveries you make AFTER you leave! They are really important and it is a wonderful way to “pay it forward” and help others on their journey to wholeness. or

Thank you for your time and trust, please do let me know how you are doing in the future, I really care and I really do want to know!

candace craw author

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