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When you have a session:

It has been a long journey to finally do a quantum Hypnosis session. Yet I'm excited to jump in and help any way I can. It is a new idea but an old idea that we can heal ourselves. Yet we seem not to be able to do it. With Hypnosis it lets our Higher-selves, or Over Soul lead us to the most appropriate way it can, to heal our thoughts on how we feel. It is a matter of trust that you can do this.

1. You need about 4 or more hours to spare.

2. Have a list of questions to give to the hypnotist. So I can get an idea what this session can do for you.

a. For example; questions on life, job, health & Family etc. Then I can ask your guardian angels or oversoul these questions. Next the higher self will answer their questions.

b. After the session you can review this later with the recording.

3. Drink plenty of water before your session.

4. Please come with curiosity, and wonderment.

5. Must not be an alcoholic or additive to illegals drugs. or have at least a year of sobriety.

6 One must come alone in the session. (riders can go shopping)

7. Have plenty of rest night before.

8. If at all possible eat light or no food for 6 hours before and not caffeine drinks, one can eat after to ground yourself.

9. Be my guest to have good time, it like a game, just go with the first thing you see or think about. (Second guessing is not the answer or saying “ I Think”)

2. You will be guided in to a deep relaxation. This will be of a spiritual nature, non- medical.

3. You will not be asleep so, most clients can remember most of what they say.

4. You may go into a self-healing realization, laugh, open your eyes walk and be aware of the


5. You may not think you are hypnotized, yet when you allow the first thoughts that come to mind you will relax and remember forgotten past lives or things in this life.

6. I will record your voice by my recorder and email you the session, for review later. ( don’t drive and listen to recording)

7. Please no coffee or caffeine drinks before session, I want you to really relaxed.

9. Have fun with this don't over think the events, It may take a few visits to really trust me.

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