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What to expect

1. Expect to have good time, it like a game just go with the first thing you see or think about.

2. You will be guided in to a deep relaxation. This will be of a spiritual nature, non- medical.

3. You will not be asleep so most clients can remember most of what they say.

4. You may go into a self-healing realization, laugh, open your eyes walk and be aware of

your surroundings.

5. You may not think you are hypnotized, yet when you allow the first thoughts that come to mind you will relax and remember forgotten past lives or things in this life.

6 . I will record your voice an my recorder and email your the session, for review later.

7. Eat light before you come, preferred not to eat about 6 hours before no coffee types and drink water before you come only, eat a good meal after the session.

8. Please no coffee or caffeine drinks before session, I want you really relaxed.

9. Have fun with this don't over think the events, It may take a few visits to really trust me and what you are thinking.

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