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 Hello, after taking Qhtt I found that I needed to learn more so instead of a 4-day class I thought I would desire to actually learn Hypnotherapy. This a year-long class. So instead of the level 2 QHTT. I did this. I have now over 300 hours of experience in this modality and now others. .

I find that I'm qualified to help you get what you want to achieve, or hit the  HMI button on the left side of this box. If you have issues of stress or need to see a past life------ let me know. 

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Date Submitted:Saturday, Feb 17, 

Name:Serena A

Rating:Overall Rating: good


Recommendation Title:Nice Session that went so fast and so great

Recommendation:It was amazing that almost two hours had gone by. I was in such a relaxed state and felt at peace. I experienced being this purple energy coming toward the earth to help with the shift. I am here to help with this shift. I was told I didnt really want to do all this and had some hesitation but I was told this was my time to shine and that I had been going through the process of getting ready for this. Additionally, I was also told about my sons light anchoring abilities. Candy did a nice job with this over the internet session. She was patient and asked good questions. I would recommend her to others!


Date Submitted:Sunday, Mar 04, 2018 12:54 pm

Name:Cindy H


Recommendation Title:Great session


:Candy's confident manner helped me tremendously to connect and have a great session. I appreciate that she took the time to really understand the questions I wanted answered.


Jon K.

Thank you, I am more grounded whatever that means. Not intellectualizing the experience. seem to be opening up more, also whatever that means. Love, Jon


Date Submitted:Tuesday, Mar 06, 2018 14:39 pm



Recommendation Title:

Interesting session


Candy had a nice, calming manner and put me at ease during our initial interview. She intuitively knew the right questions to ask, and as a result helped me remove a large energetic blockage that had been holding me back. I visited three past lives and she successfully removed two spirit attachments. I enjoyed the session and felt that her work initiated deep healing of a past trauma. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Candy to a friend.

 feeling good. Thank you. 


Yesterday I was able to listen to it & I remembered a lot more than what was spoken. There was a lot of inner dialogue going on during the session that listening to it reminded me of.  Thank you again, I’m still trying to understand a lot. 


Dates and times :  Reach me between 10 am and 7 pm daily. Please leave a message.

 Please call  15 mins. after the hour or text me

near pier 1 store  

sky Blue house

Over the internet sessions down load it free.