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This is after we had three sessions This is not typical of any client but a happy one.

I am doing so good thanks to you.  I do want to come back  for more maybe in a month or so. 


I first contacted Candace because I wanted to undergo QHHT and find out if I had any past lives and my purpose on this planet etc. What came out of our sessions has been so much more and a little different than I had planned. The higher self-subconscious if you prefer directs where the sessions will end up. The hypnotist (Candace) can try to steer and ask the questions but ultimately it is ourselves our guides that take us to what they want to show. We did see a few past lives, but both had more to do with what needs to be healed in this life. I found that what had subconsciously led me to Candace was the need to heal from past trauma and inner child work. The outcome has been amazing. I have made so much progress and have truly healed in many areas of my life. I must clarify Candace is not a therapist it was my own subconscious that orchestrated the healing. Candace provides the hypnotic state and guidance for it to happen. Not that she is not therapeutic I just do not want to misrepresent her. One other remarkable thing that happened under hypnosis was that I had been having an asthma flare and Candace led me to where we could get to the bottom of it and within a week I had stopped needing my rescue inhalers. I had been using on an hourly basis went to none. We asked about other health conditions and a cure was not given as an option. Ironically under hypnosis, I stated that my antidepressants should not be adjusted or stopped. I was glad to hear that as it shows our inner selves acting responsibly. Another thing that came out was my higher selves’ perspective on my relationship. I received a lot of information about my relationship and the person I love and how to better support and love him. That was a pleasant surprise. I remember most of my sessions and never have I felt that I could not wake up if I did not want to or that someone or something was controlling me. I was still in control and if I felt in danger or the situation warranted, I could have opened my eyes and that would be it. I. Cannot say enough good things about Candace and the positive change she had brought to my life. These changes may have taken years. I am a lifetime customer.  HK  07/2020

"We are living in the most important time in the history of the universe."- Dolores Cannon

Hello from the desk of Candace,

 Please visit the prices on my price page. I try to keep them lower So that I have a home office.  The address is at the bottom of the page.

Please fill out the form for me and include a handwritten paragraph on your issue you want to work on upon a piece of plain white paper with no lines. This will tell me the intent and I can read handwriting for suggestibility.

I would like a 24-hour cancellation. I prepare for each session, and I put hours into some requests. It leaves holes in my day that I can fill up if you only give me an hour before your appointment to cancel.

Dress casually so you are comfortable. Eat well the day of your appointment. Drink plenty of water. Please limit your caffeine for it will not help relaxation. If you can avoid caffeine that day it would be perfect for me and your session.

Bring questions and your paper essay on your requests to the session. If you know how to email them to me ahead of time, please do so. I like to read them before the session.

Come with the intention to relax and stay open to the possibilities of change. Change is coming. Yet it is still your choice. 

Candace Durand

Phone 406-855-8300 2302 Rosebud drive Billings MT, 59102
also, internet sessions On
" zoom.us" or Skype
I will send an email and it will help you connect to this Zoom free service. It saves time if you download ahead of time and look around to the left corner to find the audio button. We can use Facebook too. This way works and you are still getting the subconscious to respond.

First Timers


If this is your first time with hypnosis and you are not sure about the process and apprehensive. Please don't do a past life session right off. Try doing an Imagery session to get to know your guides. This is an hour session. Slow and easy is sometimes better for healing.  Try a chakra cleaning it gets rid of attachments and cleanses you from the inside out. Many times the higher self will not allow seeing past lives but will show you an understanding of why you are creating the pains or confusion.  If you want to just do a weight loss session it is an hour  and it takes about 5 to 6 hours to work on weight controls and eating habits.

Introspective and QHHT RESOURCES



Date Submitted:Saturday, Feb 17, 

Name:Serena A

Rating:Overall Rating: good


Recommendation Title:Nice Session that went so fast and so great

Recommendation:It was amazing that almost two hours had gone by. I was in such a relaxed state and felt at peace. I experienced being this purple energy coming toward the earth to help with the shift. I am here to help with this shift. I was told I didnt really want to do all this and had some hesitation but I was told this was my time to shine and that I had been going through the process of getting ready for this. Additionally, I was also told about my sons light anchoring abilities. Candy did a nice job with this over the internet session. She was patient and asked good questions. I would recommend her to others!


Date Submitted:Sunday, Mar 04, 2018 12:54 pm

Name:Cindy H


Recommendation Title:Great session


:Candy's confident manner helped me tremendously to connect and have a great session. I appreciate that she took the time to really understand the questions I wanted answered.


Jon K.

Thank you, I am more grounded whatever that means. Not intellectualizing the experience. seem to be opening up more, also whatever that means. Love, Jon


Date Submitted:Tuesday, Mar 06, 2018 14:39 pm



Recommendation Title:

Interesting session


Candy had a nice, calming manner and put me at ease during our initial interview. She intuitively knew the right questions to ask, and as a result helped me remove a large energetic blockage that had been holding me back. I visited three past lives and she successfully removed two spirit attachments. I enjoyed the session and felt that her work initiated deep healing of a past trauma. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Candy to a friend.

 feeling good. Thank you. 


Yesterday I was able to listen to it & I remembered a lot more than what was spoken. There was a lot of inner dialogue going on during the session that listening to it reminded me of.  Thank you again, I’m still trying to understand a lot. 

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