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I’m not a healer but change is the key.

Yes I’m not a healer you are your own healer. The many sessions I’ve had I have seen great healings that happened. Their guides or over soul or God did the healing. Yet, they have to believe that they are healed. Spirit can come in and turn around a disorder but, if a client goes back and eats terrible and drink and smoke. The disorder will return. If a client won’t change his thinking or change his direction in thinking he will still not feel different in a session or after a session. If you had a bad childhood it doesn’t mean you have to have a bad adulthood. It may take baby steps but I have seen the change in people when they even do a small change. Change is hard for a lot of people. But change is a good thing. You have help you have to be responsible. Remember that old saying, “God helps those who help themselves. “ You have to be willing to go the distance. Just thoughts on my observations. Candace 

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