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Introspective Hypnosis

Created by

Aurelio Mejia

This hypnosis uses Ericksonian hypnosis which includes

* clinical hypnosis

* Pastlife regression

* Forgiveness therapy

* Role change

* Spiritual assistance

This method can help problems in this life or a past one using the subconscious to find where the problem originated.

Some times when one goes under hypnosis They will not go into a past life. They will go into this life. This technique will help in this session. QHtt deals with past live only.

Role change is when we see problems done to them from the other person perspective who was the problem blamed on. For example, I be you and you be me in or mom be you and you be mom. Then we can heal and forgive the hurts that were created.

Past life can be seen as information one can use in this life created by Karma. For example, Why mom is a bad/ good mom in this life due to last life.

Spiritual assistance is your guide, loving angles, higher self and masters.

If you have seen Alba Wieman on Youtube you may have seen this method.

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