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High expectations

Before one come for a session practice remembering how the bed room looks with you eyes closed. practice practice practice. Practice seeing a Red Candle.

This will help you see visions, dreams and ideas. If you can't quiet the mind it will interfere with you relaxation. They call it the "Monkeys of the Mind" they jump all over and never land on a bed to quiet down. I say try it for 30 days to sit in a quiet place when all is in bed and do a HU sing, for 20 minuets a day. HUUUUUU over and over and over. On youtube there a few places where the hu sound frequency is played by many. This sound will quiet the mind. Write all you worries down and let them go in a folder. They are now not forgotten. Make a pack with your over soul or higher self the same time everyday to sing hu and communicate together. At first nothing will happen, but soon it will come in a color then a sound. The sounds are all different but it not you going crazy it is a godly world sound of the heavens. Stick with it visions will come. You have to have one question in mind for the over soul to answer. Then the door is open. Slowly ask more questions, but then listen. The Answer may come in a dream or a day dream. Don't expect results right away. It is a process. It took a long time to come where you are, so it will take time come to some healing or understandings on your questions. Don't over load yourself with the burdens of the world just yourself. The world will work it self out.

the world is full of answers and so the are the heavens, sit still and listen 20 minuets a day.

Thanks Husong

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